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Funding Strategies: Credibles & Kiva


1007 Howard Ave 94401 San Mateo United States
Join KitchenTown and co-presenter Sedona Pies for a lively discussion on crowdsourced funding strategies for your startup with Arno Hesse from Credibles and Justin Renfro from Kiva.org.

Areas of conversation:
+ So you need dough? When is the community a good capital source?
+ Weighing the 4 types of community/crowdfunding for food makers
+ Funding with edible credits: customers’ prepaid tabs and the Credibles app

Credibles goes beyond mainstream crowdfunding. They foster ongoing support of local business and a stronger relationship between the business and customers. Upfront payments are paid back in-kind – as edible credits, called Credibles. You can fund businesses you frequent or products you love by prepaying what you intend on buying in the future.

Arno Hesse is the Founder and Chief Edibles Officer at Credibles. He is passionate about empowering local economies and food systems. He is a founding Slow Money member and investor in food-related businesses.

Kiva.org is a non-profit that enables passionate and determined entrepreneurs throughout the U.S. to access 0% interest small business loans. They offer up to $10,000 in community funded loans for small business with a goal to reinsert relationships into the financial system by facilitating lending through Kiva’s community of over 1.5 million potential customers, business advisors and brand ambassadors.

Justin Renfro is a Senior Program Manager at Kiva.org currently leads the KivaZip program in the US, which aims to empower local entrepreneurs with capital and connections to make them more successful.

KitchenTown is a KivaZip Trustee.

Sedona Pies was founded by Mari-Lyn Harris, chief creator and baker. They have been the sucessful receipiants of a KivaZip loan, and have a vision to provide world renown pies that serve as a vehicle for social good.