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Corporate Compliance for Food Startups


1007 Howard Ave 94401 San Mateo United States
As part of KitchenTown's entrepreneur workshop series:
Corporate Compliance for Startups

This workshop will cover the basics of what startup businesses need to keep in mind to comply with corporate regulations and maintain their corporate status.

Topics include:
Maintaining Corporate Status
Incorporation – what does it really mean?
Piercing the Corporate Veil – how corporate protection can be broken
Overview of corporate structures
Sole proprietorships/General partnerships
Limited partnerships
Limited liability companies (LLCs)
Non-profit entities
Other structures
Corporate compliance for LLCs
Corporate compliance for corporations
Tips on preparing for audits

Mas Uchino, Esq. is a California and Hawaii barred attorney and has been advising food & beverage companies for the last 5 years. While an Associate at Teraoka & Partners, Mas advised companies such as Kikkoman, Japan Food Corporation, Mary’s Gone Crackers, Greenlee’s Cinnamon Bread and a number of Bay Area restaurants and grocery stores on a variety of matters. Mas is currently the Principal Attorney of Uchino Law Offices, P.C. where he focuses on advising food & beverage entrepreneurs and small businesses. Representative clients include Turning Point Coffee, Hopscotch, Itani Ramen and Phenix Wine Distributors.

This workshop is part of Kitchentown's ongoing professional development program for our makers and affiliates.