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Save TheShopFWP! August First Friday [FREE]


The Shop at Flywheel Press
309 7th Ave 94401 San Mateo United States
In February 2016, TheShopFWP was notified by their property management and landlord of an annual monthly rent increase. In addition, they were also asked to pay in full the past 3-4 years of retroactive increases which they had never been notified of, nor was collected by the landlord. We need to raise money to stave off eviction, fast. Toward that end, we are asking if you would be willing to show your support with a sponsorship for our Save TheShopFWP campaign. We will gift a volunteer made by hand with heart tee or tote to our sponsors. If you'd like to sponsor but don't need a tee or tote, you have that option too. ALL PROCEEDS WILL GO TO THE ACCUMULATED RENT INCREASE REQUEST AND ANY OTHER FEES. If we raise beyond that all other funds will go toward community related projects in the works. This will help secure our lease for the remaining year and a half till Jan 2018. And then what's next you may wonder? Well we think the next phase of TheShopFWP is the biggest and bestest yet! We've been listening and taking notes to provide our collective creative community with all the heart's desire. We are just getting your space ready for you to create your next masterpiece and meet some of your life long friends.

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There is no better way to show your support than to come to TheShopFWP's August 5 First Friday "Hang Out till Lights Out!" We have invited ALL artists from ALL of TheShopFWP's past First Fridays going back to 2013. Many of the artists have generously offered to donate the proceeds of any art sold to the SaveTheShopFWP! campaign. We are truly moved to tears by their kindness and efforts to keep TheShopFWP alive. We opened this empty space back in 2013 but it's been the artists, makers, kids, all who have passed through these doors that has truly made this a PLACE. Please just come, be, and experience what a true creative community can be. Feel free to leave us a typewritten letter, donate to the bathtub of drinks, buy some artwork, grab a bite from The Game Day Truck who has said that for every burrito bought, they will give $1 to save TheShopFWP too! Thank you so much everyone for making this happen and showing us already how important this space has been to you. August First Friday is our chance to show San Mateo what was lacking in the city 5 years ago before we opened our doors, and how much this creative community has and is being cultivated with each and every passing month!